⦁ A photographer working in commercial & advertising photography

⦁ Recognized for his ability to create "quiet" moments

⦁ Involved in many facets of both production & post production 

⦁ An Academy of Art University Alumn

⦁ Known for his clean yet moody asthetic  

⦁ A fan of exploring different countries & those who call them home 

⦁ Inspired by beautiful & storied locations 

⦁ A bit of a photo gear-head and tech geek

⦁ Increasingly becoming a neat freak 

⦁ Born & raised in San Diego but has never gone surfing 

⦁ Currently based in San Francisco but never says "Hella" 

⦁ Strangely both an early bird & a night owl

⦁ A half-decent singer but a terrible dancer

⦁ A lover of bad weather

⦁ A frugal food enthusiast  

⦁ Entranced by campfires (and s'mores)

⦁ Wishing he was still an avid cyclist

⦁ Constantly on a quest to make a life, not just a living  

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